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Boilers and heat-exchangers cleaning up

Main advantages of cleaning with power-hydro-impulse and water-jet units:

  • Remove almost all kinds of crust and deposits. Cleaning up is carried out completely, "near/to metal" which retards new crust buildup to significant extent;
  • It is possible to carry out cleaning up of irregular shape pipes incl. spiral pipes;
  • Cleaning up is executed at site without equipment to be demounted;
  • Equipment being cleaned up won't be damaged and its service life is to be kept the same (unlike to chemical cleaning method);
  • The technology allows detection hidden defects of pipes which can declare themselves during equipment exploitation.


  Applied methods of heat and power  equipment cleaning allow:

  • To reduce burning fuel more than quota level caused by crust (12% for 1mm of crust);
  • To remove or decrease sufficiently electric power heightened consumption level used by netpumps due to hydraulic resistance increase (2mm of crust deposits increase resistance level up to 7%);
  • To enhance service life of boilers, heat-exchanges, distribution and house nets twice (through equipment depreciation, depletion and amortization enhancing);
  • To eliminate necessity of continuous repair and replacement of pipe sectors in heating system due to corrosion;  
  • To reduce significantly annual expenses of time and manpower for heating season preparation works;
  • To reduce in comparison with designed schedule - high level of operating costs for water treatment (traditional makeup demineralizer) which doesn't allow eliminate above-mentioned problems and a number of other consequences with existing technology;
  • To reduce or significantly decrease underheating level due to crust and deposits in the system, as well as heat-transfer worsening level, reduction of heating temperature of heat-transfer agent because of crust on boilers;
  • They allow to increase reliability and quality level of heat energy supply to consumers;
  • To eliminate environmental issue such as salt waste waters dumping, acids utilization after chemical cleaning method application;
  • To reduce level of atmospheric emission of harmful substance by average 10% per 1 mm of crust;
  • To enhance efficiency factor of the system and boilers.

    Heat exchanging properties of equipment get restored after cleaning up not less than by 97%! This allows solving ENERGY SAVING issue at an enterprise.

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