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Fettling's repairing and reconstruction of industrial stoves

   Lining repairing of industrial stoves. Lining is a special trimming of surfaces' protecting from possible mechanical or physical damage. Stoves' lining is being done to intensify the fire-resistance of materials, which a stove is made of.
   For hermetic's  restoration of worn out smoking chimneys' surfaces, stoves, floors, chanels, various capacities we use the lining with piece-materials- fireproof, highproof, acidproof (brick, tile) with the use of various solutions and putties - acidproof, fireproof etc.

   Lining repairing's work and reconstructions are provided for:

Chemical production:

  • reforming stoves
  • lining stoves
  • interval stoves
  • chlorine
  • heaters
  • Etc

Metallurgical production:

  • blast-furnace
  • recoperators
  • methode-stoves
  • interval stoves
  • ore-thermal stoves
  • open-hearth furnace
  • caupers
  • pushing stoves
  • heating stoves
  • electrolyte stoves
  • anode-burning stoves
  • walking ground
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