Company "Energoservice" offers its services on repair and maintenance of hoisting equipment of domestic and foreign production: tower cranes, gantry cranes and bridge cranes, over-head cranes, autocranes, electric jacks (telphers) and others:

  • Repair of electrical hoisting devices;
  • Repair of reducing  gears;
  • Technical services;
  • Consultations on residual cost and the residual value of the resource and cranes;
  • Assembling and dismantling of GMP;
  • Repair glazing crane cab;
  • Repair of metal coloring;
  • Sales of spare parts.

   There are some specific features of hoisting crane electrical equipment's operation. Among them there are: repeated short-term operation mode, frequent shifts to reverse, necessity in gear rotation frequency adjustment, significant overloads, vibration, laboured access for servicing and repairing and operation in dirty, humidity, temperature overfalls' conditions as well. Thus, electric equipment should be of high-reliability and should have isolation of high quality, respectively reliable protection from environment.


The company has its own industrial facilities and equipment, qualified and certified employees for implementation of these works and services.


The company also has a wide range of spare parts, which are being released at manufacturers' prices :

  • Resistors' blocks BFK,BRF,BRP,B6,BK12
  • All types of crane brakes;
  • Electric motors;
  • Reducers;
  • Limit switches KU,VU
  • Safety devices ONK,OGB,ONK-MP, anemometers, barrier;
  • Block and tackle, beam-cranes;
  • Relay REO-401,REV-811,813,830;
  • Crane brackets KKP,KKT
  • Any spare parts for tower, frame crane gantry and bridge cranes.

   Equipment scheduled preventive maintenance system (SPM system) is a complex of organized and technical actions, carried out according to a schedule to provide operability and trouble-free operation of the equipment during the whole period of service life under all set conditions and operation modes.

   While the crane's exploitation scheduled technical maintenance works are  being carried out, they are to be done  in certain running time specified by manufacturers; season maintenance, which is to be carried out twice a year during the makeready preparation procedures by the period of following season (summer or winter).


   During runnung repairing we troubleshoot  units and mechanisms if there are any malfunctions, which could take place during a crane  operation. In this case we replace or fix details while taking them off or not from the crane and replace aggregates need to be repaired completely for new  or fixed ones..

   We also arrange breakdowns' repair works, carried out of maintenance and repair system in order to remove consequences of breakdown.


   Colouring of metal constructions is carried out by means  of modified alcid resins group for metal constructions' protection in conditions of aggressive and low-aggressive atmosphere of industrial enterprises with  possibility of periodical sluice with oils and oil products.

   Advantages of these sluice systems:

  • Physics and mechanics features improvement  
  • Wonderful decorative look
  • High resistance to aggressive influence of industrial oils and oil products' atmosphere
  • Longer term of covering service

   Flexible corporate structure was created by "Energoservice" company, which allows to render services : from guiding to general overhaul of above-mentioned equipment.


   Our сompany  has created flexible corporate structure allowing to provide complex solutions for rendering services: from guiding to general overhaul of above-mentioned equipment.

                               We will be glad to see you among  our partners and   customers!

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